Hello internet friend and welcome to Voyaging Views. My name is Liz Harter and this is my creative outlet.

about me voyaging views

+ Why this blog?

I started blogging while living abroad in South America as a way to share stories about the distinct cultures of this region of the world. Now I live in New York as a transplant to the city and enjoy writing about my surroundings and the everyday struggles and joys of living here.

+ Where are you from?

The cold land of chicken wings, I originally hail from Buffalo, NY. My hometown is a mere two hour drive from Toronto and seven hours to my current location. While Buffalo is small, it’s also a city on that’s been changing a lot. I wrote about it here. I recently moved to Brooklyn and am attempting to navigate life as a first-year New Yorker. Actual New Yorkers, I apologize in advance.

+ Why did you move to Chile and what did you do there?

After graduating university I knew I wanted to live in South America and explore the possibility of working there long-term. I found a program called the English Opens Doors Program through the Chilean Government which allowed me to live with a host family and teach English in a public school. Those four months teaching were extremely challenging, but certainly worthwhile.

+ What is your professional background?

I currently work as an Editorial Assistant for a travel/culinary website and brand, New Worlder. I could write heaps of lovely adjectives to describe the site and its content, but I’ll just let you check it out for yourself. My main responsibilities include social media content creation, penning the occasional blog or article, and staying on top of our network of freelance writers. For a more formal CV, visit my LinkedIn page.

Still have more questions or interested in working together on a project? Feel free to reach out to me at hartereliz—at—gmail.com.