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5 Free Activities In Buenos Aires

February 16, 2016
free activities in buenos aires, argentina

Deemed the most European city of South America, Buenos Aires holds the reputation for being a vibrant metropolis that effortlessly blends both the European and Latino ways. Most newcomers to Argentina’s capital know that tango, meat, and wine are some of the city’s most beloved treasures. If you came to Buenos Aires and didn’t attend a milonga or try the Malbec wine, did you really come at all?

While the food and dancing should certainly be sampled and enjoyed, Buenos Aires offers much more than just amazing meat and sensual tango. There are many neighborhoods and parks to be explored that help one know the city better. What’s the best part of these activities? They are usually free. Seeing a tango is certainly worth the price of admission, but it can be nice to take a day off from spending your pesos. Passing time in beautiful public spaces, parks, and markets costs you little to nothing. Depending on your accommodations, you can probably walk to most of these suggestions. If not, the collectivos (city buses) are extremely cheap that it makes the activity “almost free”!

5 Free Activities In Buenos Aires:

El Ateneo Located on Avenida Santa Fe, El Ateneo is a former theater converted to a bookstore and café. For anyone who enjoys good coffee or browsing books, Ateneo is a must-see spot while in Buenos Aires. There are plenty of comfortable seats throughout the theater that are cozy for previewing reading material. Book-lovers or fans of architecture will surely be impressed with the seemingly endless bookshelves and ornate design of the theater.

El Rosedal If you want to escape the busy streets, then a trip to the Rosedal should be added to your list. Situated in Palermo, the Rosedal is a section of the Bosques del Palermo, or Palermo Woods, that is filled with many types of roses. Again, it is free, and totally worth the walk. Surrounded by water passages, the Rosedal is a great spot for a small picnic or reading a book purchased at El Ateneo!

La Boca NeigborhoodA tourist’s dream in Buenos Aires, La Boca is famous for its colorful buildings close proximity to one of the most important soccer team’s of Argentina. Give yourself a couple hours to get there and meander the streets and shops. As it is a neighborhood, you don’t have to pay. It’s tempting to stock up on Mafalda magnets, but you can leave La Boca without spending a penny! It is fairly safe in the day, but should be avoided at night.

San Telmo Neighborhood + Street MarketAs one of the oldest parts of the city, San Telmo could easily be mistaken for a European district. It’s located in the center of the city and spans cobblestoned streets and alleyways that have antique shops and places to take a beer. Be sure to stop by on Sunday if you are in the city. Every Sunday there is a busy street fair filled with artisanal products.

Ecological ReserveRight next to the modern neighborhood of Puerto Madero is the Ecological Reserve of Buenos Aires. With bike paths and a large array of species and plants, the Reserve is a nice place to relax and avoid the rush of the city. To arrive, you have to pass through Puerto Madero and can take in the super structures before getting to the nature.

five free activities in buenos aires

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