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Liz’s Links: November 4

November 4, 2016

The internet can be a big vortex that sucks you in and spits you out five hours later leaving you tired and overwhelmed. Every day we’re inundated with information from multiple platforms, news sources, and social networks. It is overwhelming.

The wide-eyed panicked expression on Ilana’s face is a direct result of being sucked down the rabbit hole of internet consumption:

This scene from Broad City only begins to skims the surface of all the digital platforms demanding our constant attention. Just a few days ago, it was announced that Instagram will begin testing technology that will make shopping through posts easier than before. Clickable shopping through one of the most used social platforms sounds like a danger zone for most people’s wallets and time.

This stuff makes it difficult to comb through all the internet garbage and insane political fights on Facebook. If you survive, you may actually find some good stuff. That’s ultimately my goal —to sort through the crap and share with you all in-depth stories, essays, and general Internet gems in one handy place. So here we go and watch yourself, as it can easy to get lost in the Internet maze if you step off track:

Mixed Bag:
The Nine Stages of Writing at a Coffee Shop
What I’ve Honestly Learned About Work
Start Saving and Investing with Just Your Spare Change
La Newyorkina’s First Brick and Mortart Shop — A Paleta Lover’s Paradise
How To Travel the World and Get Companies to Pay For It
Vogue Declared Cleavage To Be “Over” And Now They’re Getting Roasted For It
Behind the Scenes: Making a Magazine Cover

Dating Problems Specific to 2016
Do People Still Meet at Bars?
How I Finally Learned to Be Content
Learning to Cope With Chronic Pain

Academia, Love Me Back
Trevor Noah’s Eventful First Year
Would Frida Kahlo Hate How Her Image Gets Used Today?
The Election Can’t Be Rigged — But the Voting System Has Plenty of Problems
Unbylined: A Q&A With a Mexican Fixer

And finally, meet Bella. This ingenious 4-year old speaks 7 languages…. SEVEN. She speaks and reads English, Spanish, French, German  At this rate, Bella will be ruling the world by 12. I would like to declare that if I ever have children, they can only be like Bella.

I also wanted to add in this final video of one of my favorite online personalities, Joanna Hausmann. A content creator and leading lady over at Flama, Joanna goes off on people that are just simply not voting this election.

As Joanna says, EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE DAMMIT. I won’t tell you who to vote for (cough cough, anything but Trump), but it’s so important to get out there and vote. You have no leg to stand on to complain about the outcome if you don’t even participate. Get out and vote and may the odds ever be in our favor next Tuesday!